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Education and Training

Healthcare Professionals

Learning new and maintenance of existing knowledge and skills is an important part of a professional career. This allows us to provide the most advanced, safest and evidence-based care to our patients. The process of professional development is a continuous one and goes on through-out our careers.

Equally important and essential is passing on the knowledge and skills to the new generation of doctors.

With limited and shrinking NHS resources and rising cost of attending educational events, continuous professional development is becoming more difficult. I am hoping with some planning and effort such training opportunity can be delivered locally at reduced cost. Over next few years several courses are being planned and these will run at regular intervals.

Details of forthcoming courses for the health professionals are listed below and the details are available at

Patients and community

Information sharing, awareness and promotion of healthy living is an important aspect of public health and disease prevention. In next few months and years, several events around gynaecological cancer are being planned. More information on these will be updated here as the events take shape.

If you have a question or would like to help in organising such events please Obsemail4.
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