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Private Healthcare Fees and Costs

Fees and Costs
Clinic consultation:
New consultation (30 min)
= £ 200
Follow-up consultation (20 min)
= £ 125

Clinic procedures and investigations:
Charges for clinic procedures and prescriptions (such as colposcopy, biopsy, ultrasound, blood tests etc.) are separate to the consultation fees. These charges vary dependent on the problem and tests required. It is difficult to accurately anticipate what tests will be required before your clinic appointment. Please do not hesitate to ask about potential clinic tests, procedures and charges.

Admissions and Operations:
Operation charges are usually invoiced by hospital as a fix-fee bundle. This includes all aspects of your hospital care from pre-admission preparation to discharge from the hospital including doctors’ fees, prescriptions and hospital stay. Total estimate for your entire episode of care depends on the complexity of the operation or procedure and will be available after discussion of proposed operation.
  • Self-Paying Patients
    To make an appointment you can directly contact Mr. Patel’s secretary or hospital. Although it is preferable, you do not require referral from your GP.

    After your clinic consultation you will receive an invoice from Mr. Patel for the consultation and the clinic procedures if carried out. You may also receive separate invoice from hospital for prescriptions and certain tests.

    For any planned procedure or operations where hospital admission is required, a fix-bundle cost will be available and payable directly to the hospital (this will include Mr. Patel’s fee) before your admission.
  • Patients with Insurance
    To make an appointment you will require a referral from a GP or another doctor. You should then get pre-authorisation from your insurance company for the consultation, potential investigations and tests.

    After your clinic consultation Mr. Patel will directly claim costs and fees from your insurance company. If a planned procedure or operation with hospital admission is required, hospital will directly invoice your insurance company for all the costs including Mr. Patel’s fee.

    Please note that depending on your cover all healthcare costs may not be covered by your insurance company. You may have an access to pay on your policy and/or may need to cover any shortfall. This will be invoiced by and will be payable directly to Mr. Patel. If you have any question, need any help or if you are not sure about charges please do not hesitate to ask.
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How to Pay …
Mr Patel
Mr Patel

1. Bank Transfer (BACS)

This is our preferred method of receiving your payment. There are no additional charges applied.

2. On-line Payments
You can pay by credit or debit card either online or by phone. Please note there is a 2% charge for this.

Have an invoice? Ready to Pay?


Please phone hospital payment line directly as below

Spire: 0117 980 4080
More payment information for Spire Hospital is

Nuffield: 0117 911 6816
More payment information for Nuffield Hospital is

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