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My name is Amit Patel.

This website is designed to provide information about myself and common gynaecological pre-cancer and cancer conditions.

I work primarily at St. Michael’s Hospital, Bristol as a specialist consultant in gynaecology oncology. Here, I also lead cervical screening programme and colposcopy services for The University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust. I have regular colposcopy clinics, fast-track diagnostic clinics for suspected cancer and weekly clinics for women diagnosed with cancer. Outside NHS, I offer consultations and care privately at the Spire Hospital and the Nuffield Health Hospital, Bristol.

My clinical practice is shaped by several years of advanced training, clinical experience, academic qualifications and my keen interest in patient safety.
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My commitments:

1. Empower patients with adequate, factual and comprehensible information so they feel confident in making their health decisions.

2. Consider each patient and their problem as unique and do my utmost to offer an individualised and balanced approach to their health need.

3. Do no harm. My passion of surgical excellence and patient safety is firmly anchored in the belief that these two are interlinked and inseparable.
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Honesty and Respect
Clarity in communication
Individuality and personalisation
Do no harm pledge
Timely attention and intervention

Work place

University Hospitals Bristol Foundation Trust
St Michael's Hospital
Southwell Street
Tel: 0117 342 5324 or 0117 342 5325

Carol Stone
0117 342 5810
Private Health Care
Spire 'The Glen' Hospital
Redland Hill,
Durdham Down,
0117 980 4000

Nuffield Health Hospital, The Chesterfield
3 Clifton Hill,
0117 911 5968

Personal Assistant:
Kay James
074272 44072
Email: Obsemail2
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